Poker 50/50 - $10 to shoot card target. Best hand wins half the pot. A range officer must set the target distance and be present for the target score to count. All handguns used must have open sights, no red dot sights will be allowed. Scoring is done by the range officer and target sheet must be signed and dated by the shooter. Which ever card the bullet hits is the card to be used, bullets touching the edge of a card will count as that card. Length of poker shoot=30days. Shooter can buy and shoot as many targets as he or she wants to during the month.

GIFT CARDS- If you sell a gift card, please don't forget to fill out the gift card sheet so we can keep track of them.

Checking on interest in having a youth league or a tactical shooting class if anyone was to ask.

October 1st & 15th- Ladies night at the range. 5-8pm.

October 5th- Basic Pistol Course. 8a-2p. $100/person.

October 12th- Women Instinct & Personal Safety Training. 9a-12p. $50/person. Must pre-register.

October 16th- Well Armed Women's shoot

October 19th-Date night Halloween best costume. 5-8pm

November 5th & 19th- Ladies night at the range. 5-8pm

November 29th- Black Friday specials

November 30th- Date night at the range. 5-8pm. $25/couple. Themed night (thanksgiving).

December 3rd & 17th- Ladies night at the range. 5-8pm

December 21st- Date night at the range. 5-8pm. $25/couple. Themed night (Christmas/ugly sweater)